Monthly Archive: November 2014

Gristwood v. State 0

Gristwood v. State

This appeal addresses an action for damages for wrongful conviction and imprisonment.  Claimant appeals from a Court of Claims judgment that awarded him $5,485.394 in damages. In 1996, Claimant was convicted of murder in...

People v. Angona 0

People v. Angona

This appeal is from a conviction for four counts of sodomy in the first degree. The Defendant was charged with abusing a young victim on four separate occasions between September and October 2001, when...

People v. Maldonado 0

People v. Maldonado

This appeal addresses whether reckless driving alone can sustain a conviction for depraved indifference murder. The Defendant led police on a high-speed chase after stealing a minivan. In addition to speeding and driving on...