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Volume 74

Book 1: 2023-2024

Michael W. Kessler, Frye & Sugden Versus New York’s Rule Preventing The Direct Use of Learned Treatises at Trial: The Facts Lose, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 1 (2024).

Bennett Liebman, Jim Crow & The Regulation of Boxing in New York State, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 24 (2024).

Paul Taylor, Anti-Monopoly & Pro-Commerce: The Original Frontier Spirit of American Patent Law & Its Implications For Today, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 61 (2024).

Tara Weese, The Logic of Victimhoom: Strategic Human Rights Litigation & The Use of Sympathetic Victims to Further Human Rights, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 193 (2024).

Kelli Alces Williams, Market Testing Boilerplate, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 230 (2024).

Henry A. DuBeau, Antitrust Law & The Right to Repair Movement: Why Kodak May Not Be Such A Bad Apple, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 275 (2024).

Leslie Lawson, “Remember the Ladies”: A Case for Leveraging the Women, Peace & Security Act of 2017 to Influence Peacemaking in the Russia/Ukraine War, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 297 (2024).

Patrick Mullery, New York’s Push to Consumer Data Privacy: State Legislation May Be Here To Stay, 74 Syracuse L. Rev 319 (2024).

Seth M. Owens, Putting a Price on Your Child: Promoting Resiliency and Equality in Damage Awards for Children, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 342 (2024).

Jennifer Rose, Time for Change: New York Fails to Protect Individual Autonomy, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 372 (2024).

Thomas T. Sheffield, “A Wrong Never Righted”: Harness v. Watson & The Fifth Circuit’s Failure to Repudiate Jim Crow, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 406 (2024).

Kalen Sullivan, The Sinking Ship of the Hatch-Waxman Act “Safe Harbor” Patent Infringement Defense: An Argument for Including Research Tool, 74 Syracuse L. Rev. 436 (2024).

Book 3: 2022-2023

Rose Mary Bailly & William P. Davies, Administrative Law, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 595 (2023).

Michael Anthony Bottar & Samantha C. Riggi, Civil Practice, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 624 (2023).

Amy Johnson & Ryan D. White, Contracts: Recent Developments in Force Majeure, Frustration of Purpose, and Impossibility, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 662 (2023).

David E. Zukher, Criminal Law, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 682 (2023).

Rose Mary Bailly, Disability Law, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 699 (2023).

Mark A. Chertok, Aaron B. Goldman, Ahlia Bethea, & Evan J. Preminger, Environmental Law: Developments in the Law of Seqra, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 717 (2023).

Robert P. Carpenter & Kali Ruth Helen Schreiner, Health Law, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 763 (2023).

Dan Kohane & Ryan Maxwell, Insurance Law, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 795 (2023).

Roy S. Gutterman, Media Law, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 849 (2023).

David M. Katz, Survey of New York Law: Torts, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 875 (2023).

Terry Rice, Zoning and Land Use, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 895 (2023).

Book 2: 2022-2023

James Baker, Ukraine Lessons Learned – Chapter One: Does Law Matter?, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 423 (2023).

Daniel Bednár & Viktória Bednár Marková, Selected Legal Issues Related to the Legal Status of the Individuals Participating in the International Armed Conflict on The Territory of Ukraine, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 451 (2023).

Markiyan Bem & Ivan Horodyskyy, Mission is Possible? Legal and Institutional Challenges of Compensation Mechanism for Ukraine, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 479 (2023).

Izabela Kraśnicka & Charles Szymanski, Polish Response to the War in Ukraine: The Protection of Refugees, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 503 (2023).

Elizabeth G. Kubala, Preventing the Erosion of the Law of Armed Conflict: Our Moral Obligation to Uphold and Apply the Law of War Amidst a Rogue State’s Actions, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 521 (2023).

Robert B. Murrett, Intelligence and the Ukraine War: A Brief Review, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 529 (2023).

Kristen Patel & William A. Lichtenfels, Sanctions – Greater Congressional Oversight Needed for Costly, Ineffective “Go-To” Policy, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 535 (2023).

Rachel E. VanLandingham, Captured in the News: Prisoners’ Words and Images as Lawful Weapons of War, 73 Syracuse L. Rev. 551 (2023).

Book 1: 2022-2023

Volume 72

Book 4: 2021-2022

Book 3: 2021-2022

Book 2: 2021-2022


Book 1: 2021-2022


Volume 71

Book 5: COVID-19 Special Issue 2020-2021


Book 4: 2020-2021



Book 3: ADA Symposium 2020-2021





Book 2: Bankruptcy Symposium 2020-2021



Special Article: 2020-2021

Michael J. Grygiel, Back to the Future: The Second Circuit’s First Amendment Lessons for Public Student Digital Speech, 71 Syracuse L. Rev. 1 (2021).

Volume 70

Book 4: 2019-2020


Michael Hayes, Hey, We Were Here First!: Union Arbitration and the Federal Arbitration Act, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 991 (2020).

Steven H. Hazel, Personal Data as Property, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 1055 (2020).

Carrie Scrufari James, FDA’s Homeopathic Risk-Based Enforcement: Compromised Consumer Protection or Stepped-Up Security?, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 1115 (2020).

Jared Schroeder, Free Expression Rationales and the Problem of Deepfakes Within the E.U. and U.S. Legal Systems, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 1171 (2020).


Katherine Brisson, Ending the Creation of “Legal” Synthetic Drugs: A Critique of the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act and Proposed Solutions, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 1205 (2020).

Kali Schreiner, The Mother’s Day Massacre: A Tale of Reproductive Negligence and a Viable Legal Solution, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 1235 (2020).

Book 3: 2019-2020


Armen H. Merjian, Nothing “Garden Variety” About It: Manifest Error and Gross Devaluation in the Assessment of Emotional Distress Damages, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 689 (2020).

Tom Campbell, Exclusive Representation in Public and Private Labor Law After Janus, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 731 (2020).

Joel D. Hesch, A Comprehensive Analysis of the False Claims Act’s Unique Statute of Limitations: The Supreme Court’s Ruling in Cochise Consultancy, Inc. Was a Good Start But Left Much to Do, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 773 (2020).

Edward J. Imwinkelried, The Admissibility of Scientific Evidence: Exploring the Significance of the Distinction Between Foundational Validity and Validity As Applied, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 817 (2020).

Michael J. Zydney Mannheimer, The Unusual Case of Anthony Chebatoris: The “New Deal for Crime” and the Federal Death Penalty in Non-Death States, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 851 (2020).


Collin M. Carr, Free Speech Is Not Cheap: Protecting Mandatory Student Activity Fees Post-Janus, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 917 (2020).

Alexandra G. DeSimone, Brewing Flexibility in Municipal Zoning Laws, One Pint at a Time, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 943 (2020).

Travis Talerico, Indemnification from Negligence: Freedom to Contract or Abuse of Bargaining Power?, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 969 (2020).

Book 2: Survey of New York Law 2018-2019

Book 2 PDF


Rose Mary Bailey & William P. Davies, Administrative Law, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 205 (2020).

Christopher J. Bonner, Business Associations, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 243 (2020).

Michael Anthony Bottar & Samantha C. Riggi, Civil Practice, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 269 (2020).

Jesse M. Feitel & Stephen Ryck, Inadvertent Contract Formation Via Email Under New York Law: An Update, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 293 (2020).

David E. Zukher, Criminal Law, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 313 (2020).

Mark A. Chertok, Margaret Holden & Sahana Rao, Environmental Law: Developments in the Law of SEQRA, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 329 (2020).

Michael J. Hutter, Evidence, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 357 (2020).

Taylor L. Baker, Katherine A. Buckley & Robert P. Carpenter, Health Law, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 423 (2020).

Dan D. Kohane, Jennifer A. Ehman & Ryan P. Maxwell, Insurance Law, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 443 (2020).

Nicholas Jacobson & Stephanie Hoppe Fedorka, Labor and Employment Law, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 501 (2020).

Roy S. Gutterman, Media Law, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 535 (2020).

David M. Katz, Torts, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 559 (2020).

Steven Cunningham, Trusts & Estates, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 591 (2020).

Terry Rice, Zoning & Land Use, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 611 (2020).


Shannon Knapp, Right to Farm or Right to Harm?: Do New York State’s Right to Farm Laws Go Too Far?, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 659 (2020).

Book 1: 2019-2020

Book 1 PDF


Nina Kohn, Online Learning and The Future of Legal Education: Symposium Introduction, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 1 (2020).

Eric S. Janus, “The Worst Idea Ever!”- Lessons from One Law School’s Pioneering Embrace of Online Learning Methods, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 13 (2020).

James McGrath & Andrew Morriss, Online Legal Education & Access to Legal Education & the Legal System, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 49 (2020).

Margaret Ryznar & Yvonne M. Dutton, Lighting a Fire: The Power of Intrinsic Motivation in Online Teaching, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 73 (2020).

Michael Hunter Schwartz, Towards a Modality-Less Model for Excellence in Law School Teaching, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 115 (2020).

Victoria Sutton, Asynchronous E-Learning in Legal Education: A Comparative Study with the Traditional Classroom, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 143 (2020).

Noelle Wall Sweany, From Theory to Practice: Evidence-Based Strategies for Designing and Developing Engaging Online Courses, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 169 (2020).

David I.C. Thomson, Online Learning Can Help Address Three Persistent Problems in Legal Education, 70 Syracuse L. Rev. 181 (2020).

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