Volume 68

Volume 68

Book 4: 2016–17  Survey of New York Law

Table of Contents


Rose Mary Bailly, Esq. & William Davies, Esq., Administrative Law, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 689 (2018).

Christopher J. Bonner, Business Associations, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 715 (2018).

Michael Anthony Bottar, Civil Practice, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 748 (2018).

Stewart D. Aaron & Jessica Caterina, Inadvertent Contract Formation Under New York Law: An Update, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 778 (2018).

David Zukher, Criminal Law, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 799 (2018).

Mark A. Chertok, Katherine E. Ghilain & Victoria S. Treanor, Environmental Law: Developments in the Law of SEQRA, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 837 (2018).

Andrew R. Borelli & Christine A. Sullivan, Taylor L. Baker, & Niall H. Harding, Health Law, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 869 (2018).

Dan D. Kohane, Esq. & Jennifer A. Ehman, Esq., Insurance Law, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 914 (2018).

Bruce S. Levine & Wendy M. LaManque, Labor & Employment, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 955 (2018).

Roy S. Gutterman, Media Law, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 1011 (2018).

Edward J. Thater, Esq. & Matthew D. Holmes, Esq., Tort Law, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 1037 (2018).

Steven Cunningham, Trusts and Estates, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 1064 (2018).

Terry Rice, Zoning and Land Use, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 1087 (2018).

Book 3: First Amendment Symposium

Table of Contents


Laura Handman & Eric Felder, Foreword, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 509 (2018)

Nina I. Brown & Jonathan Peters, Say This, Not That: Government Regulation and Control of Social Media, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 521 (2018)

Kurt Wimmer, Free Expression and EU Privacy Regulation: Can the GDPR Reach U.S. Publishers?, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 547 (2018)

Roy S. Gutterman, Actually . . . A Renewed Stand for the First Amendment Actual Malice Defense, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 579 (2018)

Angela Rulffes, The First Amendment in Times of Crisis: An Analysis of Free Press Issues in Ferguson, Missouri, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 607 (2018)

Book 2: Symposium on Veterans Law

Table of Contents


Kent D. Syverud, Foreword, 68 Syracuse L. Review 299 (2018)

James D. Ridgway & David S. Ames, Misunderstanding Chenery and the Problem of Reasons-or-Bases Review, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 303 (2018)

Lawrence B. Hagel & Dale T. Ton, Electronic Technology in the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 347 (2018)

Kenneth M. Carpenter & Sara Huerter, What’s Missing and What’s Needed in the VA’s Review of Fee Agreements, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 381 (2018)

Yelena Duterte, Decision, Appeal, Repeat: How VA can Limit Wait Times, Error, and Red Tape Through Settlements, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 407 (2018)


Chris Meek, Christopher Mohrman, & Gavin Clingham, SoilderStrong, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 429 (2018)


Jordan B. Charnetsky, Revolutionizing Fractured Drug Treatment Courts: An Analysis and Critique of LEAD and CARA, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 455 (2018)

Veronica N. Ramirez, Fashion Statements Turned Endorsements: How FTC Enforcement Could Cripple the Internet’s Trendsetters, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 483 (2018)

Book 1: Forgotten IP Cases

Table of Contents


Shubha Ghosh, Introduction, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 1 (2018)

Robert Brauneis, Parodies, Photocopies, Recusals, and Alternate Copyright Histories: the Deadlocked Supreme Court Fair Use Cases, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 7 (2018)

Samuel F. Ernst, The Supreme Court Case that the Federal Circuit Overruled: Westinghouse v. Boyden Power Brake Co., 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 53 (2018).

Amelia Smith Rinehart, E. Bement & Sons v. National Harrow Company: The First Skirmish Between Patent Law and the Sherman Act, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 81 (2018).

Jessica M. Kiser, Wallpaper by Any Other Name, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 117 (2018).

Bruce E. Boyden, Daly v. Palmer, or the Melodramatic Origins of the Ordinary Observer, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 147 (2018).

Brian L. Frye, Invention of a Slave, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 181 (2018).

Zvi S. Rosen, How Perry v. Hexamer was Lost in the Shadow of Baker v. Selden, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 231 (2018).


Elizabeth Snyder, “Faceprints” and the Fourth Amendment: How the FBI Uses Facial Recognition Technology to Conduct Unlawful Searches, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 255 (2018).

Aya Hoffman, Lost in the Cloud: The Scope of the Private Search Doctrine in a Cloud-Connected World, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 277 (2018).


Karianne M. Polimeni, New York Eyewittness Identifications: Progressive or Regressive?, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 635 (2018)

Anna V. Pinchuk, Countering Free Speech: CVE Pilot Programs’ Chilling Effect on Protected Speech and Expression, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 661 (2018)