Month: June 2016

In Jail? Be Careful What You Say on the Phone, It May be Used Against You in Court

—by D.J. Nugent People v. Johnson, No. 37, 2016 N.Y. LEXIS 752 (N.Y. Apr. 5, 2016). Abstract: The Court of Appeals upheld a New York City regulation that permits prisons, such as Rikers Island, to monitor and record inmates’ non-privileged

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New York Court of Appeals Holds “Symptom Threshold” Methodology Is Inadmissible, But Cites “Odor Threshold” Methodology With Approval

—by David M. Katz Sean R. v. BMW of N. Am., LLC, 48 N.E.3d 937 (N.Y. 2016). Abstract: The New York Court of Appeals recently decided that the basis for an expert opinion on the specific concentration of a chemical

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Taxing the Human Body

—by Kelly Pare Perez v. Comm’r, 144 T.C. No. 4 (2015) Abstract: Advances in modern medicine have brought new meaning to the idea of selling one’s body. Surrogacy arrangements, egg and sperm donations, and even black market kidney transactions are

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Obama’s Endgame for Military Detention at Guantanamo

—by Kyle Tucker Source: President Barack Obama, Remarks by the President on Plan to Close the Prison at Guantanamo Bay (Feb. 23, 2016), Abstract: President Obama announced that a plan was submitted to Congress to close down the detention facility

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