Month: February 2013

Note: The Prosecution of Child Soldiers: Balancing Accountability with Justice

I saw some other SBU [Small Boys Unit] boys coming closer to me with another small boy and the boy was crying, screaming.  He asked them, “What have I done?”  They didn’t say anything to him, but the boy was

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Article: From Peoria to Peru: NLRB Doctrine in a Social Media World

The National Labor Relations Board’s (the “NLRB” or “Board”) interest in social media issues has surprised many practitioners.  Over a nine-month period spanning the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, the Board’s Acting General Counsel (“AGC”) issued three reports,

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Article: Uncertainty Squared: The Right of Publicity and Social Media

The laws of probability tell us that the likelihood of a particular result goes down dramatically as the number of variables on which that result depends goes up.  So, for example, while the odds of rolling an even number on

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Article: Why We Can’t Be Friends: Preserving Public Confidence in the Judiciary Through Limited Use of Social Networking

Judges occupy a special place in American society.  Their actions, both inside and outside the courthouse, play an integral role in the public’s respect for, and confidence in, the legal system.  The existence of an independent, fair, and impartial judiciary

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Note: The Tale of the E-Book: Library Lending’s Newest Edition

Imagine the scene.  As the last moments of sunlight filter through the partially drawn shade, a comfy armchair beckons while the winter’s fire sets the mood, its warm glow illuminating . . . . Wait a minute!  That glow is not coming from

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