Category: International Law

Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order Boycotting a Boycott

—by Ryan Lefkowitz N.Y. Exec. Order No. 157 (June 5, 2016), Abstract: New York State Governor Cuomo signed an executive order aimed to disallow transactions between New York State… Read more »

Article: The Influence of International Human Trafficking on United States Prostitution Laws: The Case of Expungement Laws

When the issue of human trafficking first gained widespread public attention in the United States in the 1990s, the discussion centered on international human trafficking.  In 2000, the United States… Read more »

Article: The Limits of International Law: Efforts to Enforce Rulings of the International Court of Justice in U.S. Death Penality Cases

Since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976,[1] the United States has executed twenty-eight foreign nationals from fifteen different countries.[2]  Most of those foreign nationals were never informed… Read more »

Article: Marauders in the Courts: Why the Federal Courts Have Got the Problem of Maritime Priacy (Partly) Wrong

In December 2004, Los Angeles couple Jean and Scott Adam embarked on a round-the-world voyage on their yacht, the s/v Quest.1  They hoped to spend their retirement on the seas,… Read more »