Comment: Suffering in Silence: The Dark Side of Judging in 2013

This Comment is intended to show the dark side of judging.  This paper was written with the intent to provoke discussion about the very important topic of judicial security and internet safety.  The purpose of this Comment is to allow the reader to place themselves in the role of a judge who is enduring these threats on a daily basis.  I ask the reader to feel what a judge feels and then think about steps that may need to be taken to further protect these judicial officers and public servants.  More importantly, what can be done to protect their families?  The advent of social media and the internet is allowing judicial predators to post pictures of judges’ children and grandchildren online.  How would you feel if it was your child or grandchild?

This Comment is not about an analysis of free speech, privacy, or any other law, rule, or procedure.  It is simply about determining what is right and what is wrong.  Is the risk mentioned in this paper a new part of the job description when a person is appointed to the federal bench?  Would you assume this very real risk that could affect the health and safety of your family?

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Andrea Henson-Armstrong: Professorial Lecturer, Information Systems and Technology Management Department, George Washington University; Instructor, Judicial Administration Program, Michigan State University. MS-IST, George Washington University; J.D., University of the District of Columbia; B.A., University of California, Riverside.

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