2013-2014 Managing Board of Editors Elections

The Syracuse Law Review is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Managing Board of Editors.

Seen below from top left: Jeffrey Monahan, Form and Accuracy Editor; Nicholas Cortese, Lead Articles Editor; Mark O’Brien, Editor-in-Chief; Alex Miller, Managing Editor; Alexander Formato, Form and Accuracy Editor; Jonathan Gray, Computer Editor; Hilary LaBar, Leader Articles Editor; Jamie Winnick, Form and Accuracy Editor; Sophia Cahill, Senior Notes Editor; Maureen Wenzel, Business Editor.



Mark O’Brien

Managing Editor

Alex Miller

Form & Accuracy Editors

Alexander Formato
Jeffrey Monahan
Jamie Winnick

Lead Articles Editors

Nicholas Cortese
Hilary LaBar

Senior Notes Editor

Sophia Cahill

Business Editor

Maureen Wenzel

Computer Editor

Jonathan Gray

Court Watch Editor

Matthew Snider

Executive Editors

Kristin Forshee

Heba Girgis

John Goring

Nicole Lindgren

Sean Quinn

Brian Restauro

Daniel Riley

Edward Thater
Jill Wojdyla
Associate Notes Editors

Amy Armstrong

Ronny Chan

Matthew Clemente
Amanda Giannone

Jaclyn Morgese
Rachel Ostrowski
Hannah Stewart