Student Notes Selected for Publication in the 64th Volume

Please join the Syracuse Law Review in congratulating the following 2L editorial members who were selected for publication in the 64th Volume of the Law Review.

Workin’ on our Nite Moves: A Pole-Arized Application of a Sales Tax Exemption to Exotic Dance
Riane Lafferty
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A Tweet Is(n’t) Worth a Thousand Words: The Dangers of Journalists’ Use of Twitter to Send News Updates From the Courtroom
Jamie Winnick

Proper Misuse: How Courts Should Develop Copyright Misuse to Protect Copyright Holders’ Brand Image and Market Reputation
Jaclyn Morgese

Down on the Pharma: How Green-Lighting Generics Can be a Game-Changer Against Off-Label Marketing by Brand-Name Offenders
Sean Quinn
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Drawing the Lines in the Shale: Local Zoning Bans, the Takings Clause, and the Clash to Come if New York State Promulgates Hydrofracking Regulations
Nicholas Cortese

The Fair Sentencing Act Isn’t All It’s “Cracked” Up to Be: How Recent Congressional Action on Federal Crack Cocaine Sentencing Schemes Failed to End the Disparity Between Crack and Powder Cocaine Offenses
Hilary LaBar


Biology v. Psychology: Legal Strangers Raising Kids: Extending Constitutionally Protected Rights to Non-Biological Parents in Same-Sex Relationships
Amy Armstrong

Judges Who Act to Mitigate Immigration Consequences of a Criminal Conviction: A Problematic Use of Judicial Discretion?
William Garnett


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