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Current Articles – Volume 67

Book 1: Symposium on Animal Law

Table of Contents


Joyce Tischler, Foreword, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 1 (2017)

Steven M. Wise, Introduction to Animal Law Book, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 7 (2017)

Steven M. Wise, Elizabeth Stein, Monica Miller & Sarah Stone, The Power of Municipalities to Enact Legislation Granting Legal Rights to Nonhuman Animals Pursuant to Home Rule, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 31 (2017)

Joan E. Schaffner, Community Cats: Changing the Legal Paradigm for the Management of So-Called “Pests”, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 71 (2017)

Francesca Ortiz, Looking for a Good Home: Balancing Interests in the Disposition of Impounded Animals to Owners and Rescues, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 115 (2017)

Leslie Rudloff, Failure to Launch: The Lack of Implentation and Enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 173 (2017)

Christopher Wlach, Animal Rights Extremism as Justification for Restricting Access to Government Records, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 191 (2017)

Daina Bray, Samantha Hasey & Candace Hensley, Proposed Fundraising Bills in Oklahoma and Missouri Would Unconstitutionally Target Animal Rights Charities, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 217 (2017)

Katie Barnett, The Post-Conviction Remedy for Pit Bulls: What Today’s Science Tells Us About Breed-Specific Legislation, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 241 (2017)


Christopher A. Powers, Textual Misconduct: What Juror Texting Means for Courts, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 303 (2017)

William D. Woodworth, The Ethics and Science of the Legal Writing Art: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 329 (2017)


Book 2: The Future of Our Pastimes: A Symposium on Sports and Entertainment Law

Table of Contents


Jayma M. Meyer, It’s on the NCAA: A Playbook for Eliminating Sexual Assault, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 357 (2017)

Frank Ryan & Matt Ganas, Rights of Publicity in Sports-Media, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 421 (2017)

David W. Sussman, Are Our Pastimes Past Their Time? How Will the Media Industry Disruption and Changes to the Legal Environment Affect the Sports Industry?, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 449 (2017)

John T. Wolohan, What is Reasonable: Are the NCAA’s Restraints on Athlete Compensation Reasonable?, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 515 (2017)


Aaron Lawson, Straight Outta Compton: Witness the Strength of Disability Rights Taking One Last Stand for Education Reform, 67 Syracuse L. Rev 551 (2017)

David M. Katz, Assessing the Federal Rules’ Proportionality Amendment: Why Proportionality is Philosophically Proper, Yet Practically Problematic, 67 Syracuse L. Rev. 583 (2017)


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Book 3

Book 4: 2015–2016 Survey of New York Law


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