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Volume 69

Book 2: 2018-2019

Table of Contents


Hope M. Babcock, The Public Trust Doctrine, Outer Space, and the Global Commons: Time to Call Home ETI, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 191 (2019).

James B. Astrachan, Unlawful Use in Commerce and the Affirmative Defense to Infringement: When Trademark Rights Are Not What They Appear to Be, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 263 (2019).

Michelle S. Simon, Walking Out: Schools, Students, and Civil Disobedience, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 309 (2019).

J. Remy Green, Digitizing Brandenburg: Common Law Drift Toward A Causal Theory of Imminence, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 351 (2019).


Alex Grzebyk, The Unconstitutionality of Privatizing Air Traffic Control, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 391 (2019).

Amy Johnson, The Complexity of Copyright: The Highest Court’s Attempt to “Fix” a Nonexistent Problem and a Simple Solution, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 411 (2019).

Book 1: 2018-2019

Table of Contents


Chad G. Marzen, Statutes of Limitations and Crop Insurance, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 1 (2019).

Steven K. Green, The “Irrelevance” of Church-State Separation in the Twenty-First Century, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 27 (2019).

Brendan Beery, Rational Basis Loses its Bite: Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Removes the Most Lethal Quil from LGBT Advocates’ Equal Protection Quiver, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 69 (2019)

James L. Tatum III, To Disappear A City, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 105 (2019)


Christopher Baiamonte, Stopping Third-Party Debt Buyers from Using National Bank Act Preemption to Dodge State Usury Laws, 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 127 (2019).

Katie E. Hyma, Legislative Ballast: The Case for Repealing 35 U.S.C. § 271(F), 69 Syracuse L. Rev. 155 (2019).

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